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SIGNAGE and ESL help grocery and retail stores provide accurate and timely prices, while delivering an effective way of
communicating with customer inside the store.
These technologies helps direct customers to products, encourage impulse buys, advertise sales and influence customers shopping behaviours.
Retailers can easily update the cost of their products based on the prices of competitors, enabling an in-store dynamic pricing. 
Today, there is a serious disconnect between retailers and the merchandise they sell.
If retailers don't understand how customers interact with their products; How can they match the right product to the right client, while delivering the exceptional experience customers want?
Take a moment and think about a stream of data automatically passing through your merchandise in real time.
Some may think it's not possible, but we call this Connected Merchandise !


Retailers looking to build a competitive advantage can be confident that implementing an ESL system will save them time and money in the long run.
Dynamic Centralized Pricing
With centralized pricing, all price points are controlled and adjusted using software on a central workstation. This is much more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than making manual price adjustments. It also allows for dynamic pricing or prices that adapts to a range of factors: rising to match demand or account for low inventory, matching competitors’ prices or quickly sell items that are nearing the end of their shelf lives.

In-Store Heat-Mapping

When equipped with connectivity via communications technologies like Bluetooth beacons, ESLs can track how consumers move through the store.
The ESL management software can then produce a heat map of the store’s floor, revealing high-traffic areas and logging the products they contain.

Automated Inventory Management

ESLs can be integrated with sales management software to enable retailers to more accurately track low inventory levels and gain instant insight into when new stock will be available.
The displays can also be configured to show QR codes that take consumers directly to an online buying option.


Digital signage is an ingenious solution for businesses to connect with the public.
It is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can be used to your business's advantage in different ways. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits run long.
Attention Grabbing
The most obvious and important benefit of a digital signage display is its ability to grab attention regardless of where it is placed, assuring that your audience will remember your brand long after the display is out of sight.
According to a survey, digital signage has a fantastic recall rate of 83% more than the essential traditional signage.

Dynamic Updates

With Digital signage displays, updates happen with the click of a button.
It doesn't matter where the signage is located or at what time, if you decide you want to quickly update the price, goods available, or any other part of your content, all you need to do is edit and upload your content. 

Influence Purchasing Decision

Digital signage displays can show upfront and attractive ads that convey offers, promotions, and announcements designed to increase the sales of your products or services and increase your business revenue.
With the powerful ability of in-store or public digital signage displays, businesses can quickly provide the public with a motivation to make purchases. 

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Digital signage provides a positive customer experience, keeping customers satisfied and ensuring that patrons enjoy a seamless transaction while doing business with your brand.
Customers who interact with businesses that use digital signage experience an increase in satisfaction due to features like: engaging entertainment, targeted communication and interactive content.


Throughout the years, automation was embraced by the retail sector and has been proven to be beneficial for retailers, which led to the adoption of electronic shelf labels across all retail stores, such as appliance stores, convenience stores, department stores, and supermarkets. The use of digital shelf labels has reduced labor by enabling stores to implement dynamic pricing solutions and remove manual operations.


On the basis of a growing number of hospital treatments, the healthcare sector can effectively benefit from digital signage displays and ESL. Electronic tags and displays enhance process efficiency, ease the load of hospital staff, inform patients, visitors, reduce costs and working time. The electronic tags are considered as a long-term smart medical solution to further optimize inpatient services.


Warehouse facilities and inventory management systems have gone a long way in the past few decades. The availability of wireless systems and internet connectivity revolutionizes the way information is disseminated within the internal operations of the business. These technologies have come a long way that it makes warehouse and inventory operations much more convenient, accurate, and intuitive. .


An ESL system consists of three main aspects to function.

SERVER: Responsible for the configuration of the system, configuration of the properties on the label itself, and to update the database for the list of prices.

CLOUD: Responsible for the stability and reliability of transmittance (data) through a long distance from the label management software (server) to the labels located in the stores.

ESL TERMINAL: Functions as a receiver from the store wireless router to display the price configured from the label management software.

The ESL terminals are usually attached to the front edge of the retail shelves and display the price of the product.
Additional information such as stock levels, expiration dates, or product information may also be displayed as well.

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